The Niška brewery continued what was started in 2022. After moral, logistical and financial support was provided to many events, manifestations, institutions and associations in previous years, this practice was continued in the first days of the current year.

At first, support was provided to the “Running Club Nis”, which, in the Niš spa, organized the Tour de Kop Tacx League action. Niška pivara products were served to competitors and guests of this interesting event.
Immediately after that, the Niška brewery responded to the invitation of the student organization AIESEC, which celebrated its birthday at the Think Innovative Hub in Niš. Among the friends of this event was the Niška brewery, and the hosts and guests could enjoy Niško beer and Niško klackers.

To remind you, in previous years, the Niš brewery has supported the Film Meetings of the Niš Cultural Center, the Theater at the Crossroads festival of the Niš National Theater, events; Festival of Fantasy, Evergreen Festival, Ranger Fest, Protectors of the Fortress, Palilula Evening, cooperated with the Local Foundation of Niš and the Kerber group and will continue in this manner.