Dejan Ivanović
Dejan IvanovićGeneral Manager of Niška pivara
“Niška pivara is a place that at the same time preserves tradition, gives birth to new ideas and unites people who create beer with love and knowledge, which is the pride of the south of Serbia. Our and your Niško, now in the company of Sindjelić, gathers and will gather true lovers of good beer. “
Marija Stevanović
Marija StevanovićDirector of the Production Sector
“The originality, quality and safety of our products can only be assured when expertise, knowledge, experience and maximum commitment are present at all stages of production. That is why all participants in the production are equally important team members for us. ”
Veljko Stojković
Veljko Stojković Sales Director
“I believe that our beer deserves the epithet of the first choice of loyal consumers.
I pass on my passion to a team that achieves great results with exceptional dedication.”

Jasmina Veličković
Jasmina Veličković Director of the financial sector
“Our strategic financial management is in line with the needs of the Company and is in the function of increasing the profitability and competitiveness of products on the market.”

WE are responsible!

Danijela Zdravković
Danijela Zdravković Head of General, Legal and Human Resources
“Tradition, quality and “name” oblige everything that my colleagues do to be always and in everything in accordance with the law. Monitoring of legal regulations, implementation of new standards, evaluation of work, constant improvement of HR principles, are just a part of what my team and I apply in practice every day. “
Jovana Beloica
Jovana Beloica Advisor for OSH, ZOP and ZZS
“Our mission is to give our full contribution to creating a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees as well as full responsibility in preserving the environment.”

We are responsible for the quality of OUR beer

Goran Branković
Goran Branković Primary Production Manager, technologist
“I have been in brewing since 1989. The team of Niška pivara is a combination of youth and experience, and it is up to me and my colleagues to look for new recipes, while preserving the classic, traditional way of production. “
Jovanа Komnenović
Jovanа KomnenovićHead of the quality control department
“Our main task is to control the management of production processes and compliance with legal standards and quality requirements, and our main goal is to provide consumers with the best in terms of quality and product safety.”
Aleksandra Kostić
Aleksandra KostićBachelor of Engineering Technology, Head of Beer Infusion and Soft Drink Refreshment
“The product packaging department is a production point, where we focus on quality and our authentic devices that are collected in all packaging units.”




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