Niška Pivara has made a big step forward in its corporate image, whose symbol is the new logo. This is the result of the growth of the brewery, the development of its business and the established value system that is nurtured in it. The director of the brewery, Dr. Zuzana Stolic, pointed out that this was a natural moment for change.
Niška pivara appeared with a new logo, what is announced, ie can the market expect some changes in business?


Niška pivara has taken on a new look, that is, a new label, how do you think consumers will react to that novelty?


Changing the label on any product always provokes consumer reactions. In the case of Niško beer, this has been learned for the third time, but we know that this time we did the right thing for our beer, and in the long run. First of all, we have harmonized the visual appearance of all types of packaging. Every element on the label was taken into account and that it as a whole fully corresponds to all parameters of quality and character of Niško beer.


Consumers have always been satisfied with the taste of Niško, has anything changed in the recipe?


No, the rebranding of Niško beer is not motivated by a change in the recipe. We have invested a lot of profession and work to get an original recipe that gives a product of top quality and we will not change that, at least when it comes to the Niško brand. If we make new recipes, we will also make new beer brands. We do not give anything.


What are the values you stay true to through all stages of your business?


We do business professionally, but in a homely spirit. This means that we are very open, always ready for talks, to solve all problems peacefully, to help, respecting positions and profession. It is a principle that is set internally within the company, but is applied in external communication. Everyone is equally important to us, our employees, our consumers and all business partners.