After a break of 4 years in the plants of “Niška pivara”, beer is being made again, which, according to the announcements of the director of this company, will be on the shelves in about 20 days.

The first quantities of beer were “brewed”, says the director of “Niška pivara”  Nikola Karanović on Tuesday, and now it is waiting for the fermentation process to be completed and for the beer to “age”.
It will be ready in 16 to 20 days and then it will be able to be consumed – Karanović explains.
He points out that the old name “Niško beer” will be kept, and that this light pasteurized beer will be sold in glass packaging of 0.5 liters and five-packaging of 2 liters.
As Karanović announced earlier, the plan is to first “cover” the market of southeastern Serbia, as well as for the price to be “appropriate to the conditions in Serbia.”
After “Niško beer”, “Diana” juices will be released soon, among which there will be a clacker.
Let us remind you, the production of beer in the Niš factory stopped in the middle of 2012. Then the Brewery went bankrupt in August 2013, and the first attempt to sell it was in September 2014. After 8 unsuccessful auctions, it was bought by Bulgarian businessman Stefan Stefanov in August 2015.
This sale ended in court, but after numerous court vicissitudes, the Bulgarian investor officially became the owner of the Brewery at the end of last year.

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