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Niška Pivara – From the Fantasy Festival to Super Miško

The global trend for large companies to cooperate with well-known artists from various industries in order to, at the same time, promote commercial products and talented individuals is followed by Niška pivara, all with the aim of promoting local brands – local artists.

One of the initial steps was made when Niška pivara supported the Fantasy Festival in Niš in April 2019. This manifestation of an elitist-populist character is organized by the Association of Fans of Fiction “Ordo Drakoniš” from Niš and the Niš Cultural Center.

“We recognized the potential of this Festival and gladly supported it, both financially and logistically. Fans of science fiction, lovers of The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and Star Wars are also fans of good beer. And we are glad that the guests of the Festival had the opportunity to try Niško, which is one of the brands of our city “, , states the brewery.

 Photo: Niška pivara

At the Festival of Fiction, a cooperation was established between the Niška pivara and the popular writer Miloš Petković, whose books were recently included in school textbooks. At first, Miloš wrote slogans for the products of Niš Brewery, which, in a short time, became recognizable among the fans of the most famous beer in the south of Serbia.

“After the cooperation on the slogan, Niška pivara and the writer Miloš Petković started the mini-comic series” Super Miško pije Niško “, about a superhero who is accompanied by the faithful dog Čapa in his adventures in southeastern Serbia. The comic has won the sympathy of beer fans and fans of the ninth art from all over Serbia. In this way, a comic book hero was born who could become the mascot of the Niška pivara in the years to come, “they said in the brewery.

By the way, the comic book store is located in Niš and the surrounding cities of southeastern Serbia, Super Miško solves various problems of the inhabitants of this area from episode to episode, and already in the spring of 2020, this cute superhero is preparing many surprises for his neighbors.

 Photo: Niška pivara

“I am very glad that companies like Niška pivara see the potential for cooperation in young artists of our city, I have always loved that moment of synergy. In this case, it is up to me to help with imagination and creativity in promoting products that are a brand of Niš and southeastern Serbia. On the other hand, by promoting its products, Niška pivara also popularizes me as a writer and author, which is not a small thing, writer Miloš Petković told to Niške Vesti.

The cartoonist Srdjan Todorovic from Zaječar also participated in the realization of the comic. In the meantime, the writer Miloš Petković joined the marketing team and was appointed to the position of PR of Niška pivara. In that and such cooperation, there is always a local patriotic moment, which can be of great importance, especially at a time when young people are leaving Serbia and going abroad for bread.




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