After a four-year break, “Niška pivara” started selling “Niško pivo” again. preparations are underway for the re-production of juices.

The first quantities of beer were distributed to stores based in southeastern Serbia, said to Beta, director of the company Nikola Karanović.

Karanović is certain that “Niška pivara” can currently produce beer for three million half-liter bottles a month and produce “be increased over time”.

The director of the brewery said that preparations are underway for the re-production of juices.

“In about a month, the production of juices will begin and they will, as before, be called ‘Diana’,” Karanovic emphasized.

The new owner of “Niška pivara”, the Bulgarian company “Kapitalni projekti”, has so far invested around four million euros in the renovation of production facilities.

Currently, about seventy workers are employed, and by the end of the year, the number of employees should be increased to 130.

“Niška pivara” is one of the few companies in Niš in which production was renewed after the catastrophic first privatization.


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