At the 88th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad the commission for evaluating the quality of beer and beer-like products, based on the evaluated samples, awarded Niška pivara the highest rating in the competition of industrial beers and the award “Champion of the quality of the product group” for Niško pivo.

” Today it is difficult to survive on the market, even more difficult to fight for a place on the same market. With the quality that is of crucial importance, with great efforts and dedicated work, Niško beer successfully made its way in the previous period and found its way to loyal consumers, and now we can say with certainty that it has become a recognizable brand of the south of Serbia. This recognition for Niško pivo is also recognition for all employees and confirmation that we are on the right path. Also, it is a great incentive to work even better in the following years,” stated the visibly satisfied director of the Niška brewery, Dejan Ivanović.