A little Niško beer is much better than a big one!
Big beer is stronger, I like it better than small!
They are the same to me, both big and small Niško, I don’t see a difference! Either way, it’s my first choice.

One of the most common controversies in taverns, restaurants, cafes, in front of shops and even in homes in southeastern Serbia is the one that is related to the dilemma of whether there is a difference between Niško small 0.33 beer, and large Niško 0.5. Many theories have emerged among lovers of good beer; that the difference between these two products of the same name is great, that it is due to the size and shape of the bottle, the color of the glass that transmits more or less light, recipes, raw materials used in production and so on.

However, many will be surprised to hear that, in fact, there is no difference between big and small Niško, that beer is poured into smaller and larger bottles from the same tanks, and before that it is produced without any separation of beer intended for smaller or larger bottles.

Although the percentage of alcohol is the same (4.7%), the comments of some fans of Niško beer indicate that Nis 0.5 is stronger than 0.33, but… Is that so? It can be a subjective feeling, mostly because of the fame that arose around the dilemma where the differences between Niško big and small beer are hidden.

The rumor will, of course, last, the dilemma will remain and it will be talked about, although the only difference is, in fact – in quantity. So, the answer to the question “Is there a difference?” Is “No, except in quantity.” So, in case of shortage, you can replace a small beer with a large one and vice versa, without any fear that you will stop refreshing yourself with your favorite – Niško beer.